Most Famous Market In Central Delhi

Most famous market in central delhi.


OKAY! Lets disclose the name of this famous market that has been situated in central delhi and it is mostly famous among delhi university students. Its “JANPATH MARKET”.

YES! Its Janpath Market Most of the people have surely heard the name of this market. HAVE YOU GUYS VISITED THIS MARKET? Not Yet ? ohh shit! You must have visit this market you will get to see various beautiful things that is related to tibetan culture. And there are so many outlets you will surely like. this market its not only famous for shopping purpose, but you will also find some amazing food oulets over there. That has been placed there from years.

Now lets Talk About this market.. If you are going to visit this most famous market in central delhi, you should learn bargaining first and this mostly visited by the college going girls.


JANPATH The most Famous Market of Central Delhi. When you enter this market you will get to see the so many stalls and small shops  with lots of beautiful and trending clothes. From crop tops to kurtas, from Shorts to denim Jeans. You can purchase anything. You will going to witness  varieties of tops, T-shirts, Shirts, Denims, Kurtas, Jackets, Shorts. If you know how to bargain? you will going to love this Market, there clothes are worthful. You can purchase 4-5 tops in 1 bucks only. This is the main reason this market is especially famous among  girls.


I am in love with the silver Jewellery, As they add up some grace on your looks and if you are going to visit this most famous market in Central Delhi. Don’t forgot to purchase the beautiful silver jewellery. There are Various designs of  Earing, bangles, Neck piece etc. I personally love this metal jewellery you can match up these things either on western clothes or on Indian. In our culture and in early era wearing jewellery is a dutiful thing. That represent the Beautiful and Decent culture of India.


Janpath Market is not only famous for its clothes, but you can also find out there are some food outlets which has been situated from years and still having there place in the hearts of Indians because they served delicious Snacks, Momos, Coffee, etc. In this most famous market in central Delhi. DEPAULS is an one of the outlets which is most popular. and There you can also see the famous outlets over there such as Macdonald’s , Subway, Café coffee Day, etc.

OUT SKIRTS of The Most famous Market in Central Delhi

In The outskirts of this most famous market of central Delhi,  there are so many shops are situated which also shows the culture of Indians and Tibetian as well. You can purchase some antiques, clothes, jewelleries, foot wears, etc. from these shops, but there price is not same as you can get in the Janpath market stalls. You can compare the things after visiting to Janpath market.


YEAH! “JANPATH MARKET” Is The Most Famous Market in Central Delhi.  You will get so many things from this market, either its your clothes or bags, footwears, Daily wear Accessories(Caps, Shades, Belts, etc). And most importantly there are some shops and stalls for book worms as well.





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