Most Beautiful Gardens and parks in delhi

 When it comes for hanging and Stamping ground, India is mostly popular for its Beautiful gardens and parks.


Humayun’s tomb garden

◾The red sandstone and white marble tomb of mughal emperor humayun stands at the centre of a charbag. It’s classic char bagh design, based on a description of Islamic paradise.

◾The garden in divided into 36 square by a grid of water channels and paths.The beautiful garden is among the most inspiring places to be creative in delhi, and you often found an artist, who is sitting under the large mango tree that shade the periphery. 

 Lodhi Gardens

◾This garden is landscaped by joseph Allen and is the most beautiful garden in delhi. The vast, well watered lawns and array of decorative trees, a rose garden and a bonsai park.

◾Walking and jogging tracks that’s circle and criss cross the park. This garden in very popular among college student for stamping ground. There is very refreshing environment, which attracts tourists and it’s nice place to visit.

 Nehru Park

◾Stretching over 85 acres, nehru parks lawns are improved with Green mounds and rocks. There is extensive collection of flowering plants , a baoli, walking and jogging path, fountains and a swimming pool.

◾Nehru park is always full of picnickers, fitness enthusiast and couples. This park often sees musical concerts and other events on winter evening. The park also hols an open-minded air gallery.

 India Gate lawns

◾Once a major venue for political protest and now a garden of pleasure, the lawns around India gate stretch on both sides of Rajpath. The lawns are always abundant with people, particularly in evening, (when Rajpath filles up with vehicles) bearing families , friends and couples.

◾Some peoples come here for picnics with there family. You can also hire a boat and pedal through the water channels running through the lawns. In summer these channels turn into swimming pools in which children play.

 Garden of five Senses

◾The heavily landscaped garden of five senses, next to the mehrauli Archaeological park, is spread over 40 acres. It holds the khas bagh, the colour garden, neel bagh and the solar energy park. Khas bhag has modern water channels and fountains, some with lightings. A walk away leads to the food and shopping court.

◾The solar park, set up to promote awareness of renewable resources of energy. Various cultural festivals are held at the park, particularly in winter. Every february, delhi tourism holds an annual “Garden tourism Festival” here.

National Zoological Gardens

◾Spread overs 214 acres. This garden is very fantastic place to explore. Winding pathways lead to enclosure housing more than 2000 animal and bird species from africa, America and Asia.

◾A distinctive feature of the zoo is it’s collection of more than 200 types of trees, each with an information tag.

Deer Park

◾Reinforced with Shady tress an lush grasses. This park is a favoured spot for nature walks. Big attractions here are spotted deer, peacocks, rabbits and Nilgai. Next to park Baluchi Restaurant which lies within the park.

◾The Deer park is also a bit of a lovers paradise, and very popular with picnickers, joggers , fitness enthusiast and some yoga practitioners also visit in the morning.

Astha kunj

◾This offers a peaceful oasis in the midst of the hectic commerce of neighbouring Nehru place . With its trees, five mini lakes and well trimmed lawns. There is wonderful Walking tracks.

◾Paths connect Astha kunj to the Iskcon, Kalka ji, and Baha’i temples. The park also leads to the Okhla sabji Mandi.

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