Best Market to visit near Delhi University.

This market is popular among Delhi university students for Hanging out. Especially for girls varieties of brands available here. College going students wants some worthy clothes, so there is some stalls and thellas are also available for them. It’s a nice market to visit for shopping and hanging out to eat some Street-food or Snacks.

“The market is known as Kamla Nagar”

There is multi storey building’s which have food outlets, commercial hubs, restaurant’s, Brand Shops,and Showrooms. It also contains famous outlets of “dominos and McDonald’s”. This market is mostly crowded with college student as it’s located near the North campus. Spicy street-food of this Market is another reason of attraction.

                 Famous food shops

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1. Bille di haati

This shop is famous for its well served Aloo wale chole bhature. But They served types of Snacks and street food.
Their chole bhature are lipsmacking and mouthwatering. When I see the plate which is filled with those pluffy bhaturas and spicy & hot chola’s, I can’t control myself to have it, their sensation is too tempting. You have to visit their. As it’s worthy and reliable.

Address:-72D, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi.

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2. Tom Uncle’s Maggi

This place is one of my favourite, as I am a Maggi lover. This is the popular place in Kamla Nagar market for their special maagi. Now a days most of the youngsters love maagi and Tom uncle made it with his own recipe, which makes it more delicious than anyone else and he is putting up his stalls from last few years. The price is really worthwhile and the taste is too good. It’s a nice place for every Maggi lover.

Address:- Near Ramjas college, North campus, DU- GTB Nagar.‍

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3. Cake Bake Shake

One of The top eateries in Kamla Nagar market who served muffins, cakes, pasteris and scrummy shakes.
It’s a Dessert joint near North campus and many students visit their on daily basis, as their shake and pasteries are worthwhile & Delish.

Address:-G-22A, Vijay Nagar, New Delhi.

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4. Vaishno chaat bhandar

Vaishno Chaat Bhandar is a street food stall and a nice collection of chaats in their menu. The place served most tasteful Golgappas and Chaats in the locality. The taste of the golgappas is toothsome and satisfying .Other chaat items are Kalmi Bada Chaat, Bharwa Papri and Laal Aloo Chaat. This is the best place to burn out your cravings for golgappas.

Address:-Kolhapur Road, Kamla Nagar, Delhi.

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5. Chalte firte momos

A momo joint near North campus. It’s popular among Delhi University student. If you want to burn out yiyo cravings for momos, you couldn’t find out the better place then cjaltey firte momos in Kamla Nagar market. They served various types of momos. You have to visit here to taste there Scrummy momos.

Address:- Jawahar Nagar, bangla Road, Kamla Nagar.

Kamla Nagar market is very well known among Delhi University student, as its consists with so many shops, restaurant and street food. If you’re visiting the market then must check out this places too, who serves tasteful food.

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