Best locations for photoshoot in Delhi.

Best locations for photoshoot in Delhi.

Delhi is a city which have so many ancient buildings, historical Monuments and Beautiful places to shot out the quality pictures. But it’s not an Easy task to found out the these places so here we listed up the Best places in delhi for shots whether it is pre-wedding shots, portfolios or for photography enthusiasts. There is too much to explore in delhi.‎


1. Hauz khas

Hauz khas Village which reflects the era of medivial period and it’s established in the reign of Alludin khilji. If you are finding some splendid pictorial matter must visit there. These are the best locations for photoshoot in delhi.  There are so many beautiful and pleasant things which can be captured.The water body coupled with these medieval structures and a rich green cover make the complex area a great venue for creating photo stories. The place is best-suited for pre-wedding and portfolio shoots where the old-world charm can add an element of charisma to the pictures.

Source:- TripAdvisor

2. Lodhi Garden

Spread over 90 acres of land, the lush green Lodhi Gardens is Delhi’s favourite escape point. The most beautiful garden in delhi. The vast, well watered lawns and array of decorative trees, a rose garden and a bonsai park. This garden in very popular among college student for stamping ground. There is very refreshing environment, and nice place for nature photoshoot. Lodhi Gardens also has an ancient bridge and Early evenings or late morning hours are the best time for a photoshoot here, as the lighting is nice and few peoples are stamping around. This is one of the best locations for photoshoot in delhi.

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3. Garden of five Senses

Just like the ancient side of Delhi, its modern avatar too has several photogenic spots makes them more beautiful. The 20-acre space which is offering the city a place for leisurely escape. The ambiance is very pleasant that helps you de-emphasise. The Garden of Five Senses has varieties of things to capture and it’s truly a telegenic place. Even there is settings for the prewedding shoots as well. This place is one of my favourite and you can feel the happiness, elation here if you’re a nature lover.
Entry is free.

Source:- curly tales

4. Majnu ka Tila

A photographer is crazy about capturing thing, and If you wants to boost up your collection of photographs regarding lifestyle and culture. Then it’s a suitable place for you “Majnu ka tila”. This Tibetan Colony in the narrow lanes. You also found out lots of fascinating cafes and Shops there. Many Buddhist monks who were proceeding in the monastery. And its a nice place to shoot-out a different civilization.

Source:- Wikipedia

5. Red Fort

A nice structure build with red sandstone and Beautiful green lawns. And it reflects the Mughals style. Red fort is an ideal location for shoots and a nice photogenic place with nature beauty. Especially in the morning you found out the real beauty of nature. And the ambience is totally refreshing and Beautiful, Whenever you visit you can feel the same. The morning shoots looks natural and has its own quality which apeals the spectator towards it. The open space of the monument and the brightness of sunlight also adds the eloquence in your pictures.The intricate carving and architectural design of the Red Fort is perfect muse for romantic photo shoots.

Source:- Metro99

6. Connaught place

A centre of Delhi, and a place seems always crowded. Here you can found out many branded shops and cafes. Its a perfect place for street photography. And you can also visit Agrasen ki boali and Hailey Road for historical Photoshoot.
You can also capture the handcrafted things here at roadside stalls and thellas.
There is a famous market Janpath and Palika bazaar, where you can found out so many things to capture And you can add a nice and different collection here Of street photography, market of Delhi and their culture and traditions, click on your style and make your own name in a different manner.

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7. India Gate

This building which represent the glory of India. Connecting India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan is the Rajpath or the King’s Way. The Republic Day parade on 26th January is held here. One of the most famous monuments in Delhi, India Gate offers fantastic photography clicks in morning and night as well. At night you can easily capture the beautiful scenes as the gate looks stunning with the lightings. And it’s surrounded by the garden and lakes, Which also helps you get the more picturesque photographs.

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